Dromana Gate Lodge

Dromana Gate Lodge, a Hindu Gothic structure is situated at the end of a bridge spanning the River Finnisk just before it runs in to the Blackwater, about two miles from Villierstown.

The magnificent building was built in 1851 after being previously designed by Martin Day in 1849. It’s said that Day got his inspiration from the Brighton Pavilion, England, built for the Prince Regent and designed by John Nash.  The gate lodge was erected as a wedding gift for two newly-weds by Henry Villiers-Stuart. The happy couple had spent their honey-moon in Brighton, and when writing to Villiers-Stuart commented on the magnificent buildings which stood there.

The design is a bizarre combination of styles, from flamboyant gothic with ogival arched windows, to Brighton pavilion oriental, complete with onion dome and minarets. A truly a remarkable and unique work of art.