Brownies ETC


Brownies is an international uniformed organisation aimed at positive growth and development of young girls ages 6 ½ to 12.

Brownies will help your daughter to grow in self-confidence and learn new skills in a positive environment while having fun and making new friends.

The first ever meeting of the Woodland Brownies was 7th of April 2011 in the VECP Headquarters in Villierstown.  The Brownies has been very successful in the community.

Within the Brownies there are smaller groups called Sixes. These groups help the girls develop leadership and team-work skills giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility.

You can recognise the Brownies by their uniform:

Yellow sweatshirt
Navy blue sash
Navy blue neckerchief
Leather woggle

The Woodland Brownie meetings are held on Thursday evenings from 5.30pm – 6.45pm. 

Lady Birds
Ladybird Guides are aged 5 – 7 years and are encouraged to share, help others, learn about teamwork, enjoy nature and discover the world around them. By learning these valuable skills through Ladybirds, they are introduced to the principles of Guiding.

Girl Guides

The Irish Girl Guides is a uniquely girl-only, youth-driven, active and dynamic organisation. It offers a varied and exciting programme for girls and young women aged 5-26, and opportunities for Leaders of all ages.