Villierstown and fishing have a very long history located on the banks of the River Blackwater renowned for its Wild Atlantic Salmon. Having been originally built to service the Linen Industry after the collapse of the trade, Villierstown became reliant on the fishing industry amongst other things.

The Blackwater is regarded as one of the finest Salmon Fisheries in the country. Today it still sustains several types of fishing.  The more traditional of these methods Draft Net Fishing and Snap Net Fishing still take place in the tidal reaches of the river around Villierstown and Cappoquin.  With world class Salmon Angling on offer further up-stream. Along-side the Salmon fishing the Blackwater carries good stocks of different types of spiecies, among them brown trout , eel’s, bream, dace and hybrids.  A trip to the West Waterford area is a must for Anglers looking for fruitful fishing.