Colin Byrne – Marketing & Communications

Having worked in the Dublin design industry for twelve years, in both the public and private sectors, Colin returned home in 2002 and founded TOTEM Visual Communications.  TOTEM has grown to become a brand led, multi-award-winning design agency, with an enviable client list and a team of talented and passionate people.  TOTEM was originally based in Villierstown, but moved its studio to Dungarvan in 2006.

Colin utilizes his experience to plan and execute the VECP’s marketing initiatives.


Carol Smith


Carol is working to develop the range of services and activities that the VECP offers to the community.


George Horsom – Facilities & Amenities

George works in the area of facilities and amenities for the VECP.


Lisa O’Gorman – Montessori School Manager

Lisa is the Manager of the Montessori School and a key member of the VECP Team.


boxJohn Lombard – Chairman

John has worked in the Information Technology field for the last 18 years primarily with Hasbro in Waterford. Hasbro is a branded play company that has been operating in Waterford since 1977.

He is originally from Aglish and has lived in Waterford and Dungarvan before moving to Villierstown in 2006.

John works with the rest of the VECP team to help understand and set the objectives for the team; to coordinate the activities and effort of the team to achieve its goals in order to deliver real benefits to the community.

boxCaroline Virtue – Handcrafts

Caroline is a native Dub now living in Villierstown.  She has always been interested in Crafts and Design and through her world travels has picked up many different techniques.  While discussing her love of Craft with other people in the village the idea of a local Craft Group came to fruition.  Her interest and dedication to the group shown Caroline has long term plans to staying in the village.

boxLiam O’Brien

Liam works on a number of projects for the VECP.

boxKelly-Marie Kearns – Secretary

Kelly is the VECP Company Secretary

boxVincent Mernin – Vice-Chairman

Vincent is the Vice-Chairman of the VECP